Every product, every service, every business either appeals or has the potential to appeal much more strongly to a certain definable group of people than it appeals to all people. 

Yet despite this fact, most photographers get only to their grade-A prospects by lucky accident – by throwing their message out to anybody and everybody and letting the right people find it. 

This is kind of like getting a message to your aunt in Philadelphia by dropping 100,000 copies of your letter out of an airplane as you fly over Pennsylvania. Blindfolded, given an unlimited supply of arrows, and some degree of luck, you’ll hit the target eventually. But arrows are one thing. Dollars are another. Nobody has an unlimited supply of dollars to play with. 

That is why it’s absolutely imperative to understand WHO your ideal client is and then craft a message that speaks directly to THEM. 

Real Life Example: One particular business owner ran a foreign brides brokerage, helping frustrated American men meet and marry women from dozens of different foreign countries.  Historically, he did all of his advertising in general publications, like USA Today. When asked who his clients were, he responded, “just about everybody…doctors, lawyers, truck drivers, ministers, business owners.” 

But after taking the time to carefully evaluate his past sales history, he soon discovered that over 50% of his clients were twice-divorced, long-haul truck drivers. Over half!  This quickly led to a dramatic change in allocation of ad dollars, focusing on targeted media for truck drivers, his own “free magazine” offered at truck stops, and other niche media.  And profits skyrocketed! 

That’s the power of efficient, targeted marketing: it helps you reach more of your ideal prospects, those most likely to become your most profitable clients.   

And it all starts with understanding WHO you are really trying to attract. 

If you need help identifying your ideal client or if you would like to attract more people just like them, contact me today.