Who We Are

Photo Ignite is a marketing and business solution that transforms photography businesses (and lives) each year.  We do this by creating powerful financial breakthroughs through proven, results-based marketing tactics and strategies.

What’s Working Now – Delivered Right To You Every Month

We use a variety of marketing methods, online and offline, to reach the right target audience (your ideal clients) with the right message that’s been specifically crafted for them.  Most photographers simply ignore this approach and ignorantly broadcast the same message to everyone, in hopes that someone will “bite.” As a result, our members that use our approach discover (and enjoy) a huge competitive advantage over their market rivals, allowing them to book more events and attract new clients all-year long.

Photo Ignite was founded by self-taught photographer, Mark Thackeray, when he started sharing some of his “business secrets” that had grown his own business to over 6-figures.  Seeing that there are lots of photographers out there with tremendous talent but with little or no marketing knowledge, Mark began offering photography business insights that enable photographers to attract the right type of clients, raise your pricing without losing clients, generate more client referrals, forge effective networking strategies, and more.

Results-Based Marketing

Drawing from his own personal experience, he wanted to show photographers how to effectively market themselves, and not waste their money on unproductive advertising that quickly drains your bank account without bringing you any new clients.  As a result, Mark created a community where “results rule,” a place where you can:

  • Attract more clients, all-year long
  • Repel the wrong types of clients
  • Increase your profitability per client
  • Create an outstanding customer experience
  • Generate more referrals that are easy-to-close AND willing to pay you more
  • Streamline your business so that you have more free time
  • Upsell current clients to add to your bottom line
  • Expand your business opportunities
  • Proper networking tactics to becoming the “go-to” photographer
  • and more

Each month, members save hours and hours of time while making more money than ever thanks to our consistent diet of proven marketing techniques.

It’s time to create the business that you’ve been dreaming about.  Here’s your chance.