Marketing For Photographers : Photo Marketing Tip of the Week

When a potential client approaches you about the possibility of shooting their event, it’s natural for most photographers to jump right into everything that makes them unique or different. It can sometimes feel like you’ve been given center stage, handed a mic, and the green light to pitch your awesomeness for the next 20 minutes.

But unfortunately, that is NOT what your client wants to hear. And it could potentially sabotage your chances of closing the deal.

What clients really want…what they truly desire above anything else (even though they might not articulate it)…is to be heard. Plain and simple, your clients are desperately searching for someone who will identify their desired outcome and help them achieve that result.

And, not surprisingly, this is the most effective way to gain trust and demonstrate your unique ability to deliver on those desired results.

Here’s How To Do It

In marketing terms, you need to uncover the problem or “pain” that your prospective customer is feeling.  What is it that they really want when it comes to photography?

It all begins with asking questions. Don’t make the common (and seriously deadly) mistake of talking too much when you meet with your prospect.

A lot of times you will have potential clients try to “cut to the chase” and straight-up ask for your prices. They aren’t really in the mood to sit there and let me ask them a dozen different questions, because they see that is irrelevant, as a waste of time. One great tactic to change that situation is to use the “disarmingly honest” approach and tell them… “_____, to be honest, I’m not sure if we are a good fit. Do you mind if I ask you a few questions first to make sure?”

This type of approach is pretty much the last thing that most prospects expect. They are so used to people going on and on about how great their product/service is that this technique catches them completely off-guard.

Next, it’s time to start uncovering what the desired outcome of your prospect is. Here are some of the questions I’ve used when meeting with potential wedding clients:

“What are you most excited about when it comes to your wedding photography?”

“Anything you are nervous about?”

“After the wedding, when all is said and done and you are looking at your wedding photos, what do you want to see/feel?” 

The answers to these questions will typically spawn more questions to ensure that I am capturing exactly what they are hoping for in the end. Questions like…“Can you talk a little bit more about that?” “What about that is so exciting (nerve-racking/important) to you?” “Can you provide an example of that?”

A simple process to remember when asking questions is: Issues, Examples, Impacts. 

You begin with the issues or concerns that they have. Then move onto an example to better describe what those issues are. Last, you uncover and discuss the impacts or implications that those issues could potentially cause if they are not addressed and resolved properly.

This simple process will help you build a powerful relationship of trust and allow you to craft your offer specifically to the unique needs of that particular client. All of that translates into higher conversion, more clients, and more events booked.  Atta babe!