Photography Marketing Tip of the Week

Think of the last time you went to McDonald’s.  Whether it was with the kids, some friends, or a late-night drive-by for a chocolate shake.  What do they almost always ask you when you place your order?  Yep….the robotic, completely devoid of feeling “Would you like to super size that?” Almost every single time.  They drill this into their employees so it’s simply part of the process.

And guess what? It’s incredibly effective. 

Some people just don’t like saying “no” to another person, some decide that more food for a slightly higher cost is a good decision, and others perhaps believe that they really are “super” by getting their order “super-sized.”  The reasons why aren’t as important.  The fact is that this works.

How To Add Some Extra Ka-Ching To Your Business

The same principle applies to your photography business.  When I first discovered this it was a very powerful revelation.  What if you were to do this every time with your clients?  What if you were to offer them a larger album or more spreads, additional photography coverage, extra copies of the photos for parents, thank you cards for their guests?

One of the easiest ways to do this is to take notes of products or prints that your client might like as you are in discussion with them.

For example, if you are meeting with your client and ideally they would really, really like a flushmount album for their photos but simply don’t have the funds at the time of booking, then make a note of that. You can then offer that later on, closer to the day of their shoot or right after as part of a special promotion.

The same principle applies to extra coverage hours, enlargement prints, canvas wraps, etc. Obviously, you don’t want to bombard them with a slew of offers at the same time because that rarely works. But you can select one for before the shoot and one for right after and give yourself the chance to further enhance your customer experience while maximizing the profitability for each of your clients.

Are all your clients going to accept every single offer you make?  Of course not.  But some will.  Maybe it’s only 5 or 10 clients this year.  But as you continue to ask, you will discover better ways to present your offer, which will lead to further upsells, more value for your clients, and increased revenue for your company.

All thanks to the Golden Arches.  I’m lovin’ it.