Social Media Reality Check 

An recent poll by Gallup in May and June of this year revealed that 63% of consumers are NOT influenced by social media regarding their buying choices.

On top of that, only 5% claim that social media has significant impact on their buying decisions

Wait, wwwhat???

With so much talk, hype, and clamor about everything you “must do” on social media these days you would think that it’d be 95% being influenced, wouldn’t ya?

While there are a few ways that social media can actually become profitable marketing avenues, that 5% statistic speaks very loudly, and it’s telling us: beware the hype.

Do NOT fall victim to the false idea that this stuff is the “new marketing” of today.

Do NOT feel like some sort of failure if you can’t seem to get business by using it.

And certainly BE EXTREMELY CAUTIOUS about the enormous “time cost” that using social media has.

Make sure that your investment (in time and money) is held accountable and that the returns are profitable.  In other words, don’t just spend time and money on facebook, twitter and just hope that it helps you land another client.  Track it and see.  If not, you need to either change it or get rid of it.  Plain and simple.

While no one can argue against the popularity of social media or its engaging and time-consuming qualities, be sure not to give more credit that it actually deserves in terms of marketing your business.