What if you were able to sit down and talk face-to-face with someone who has been where you are, faced the problems and hurdles you are facing, and made it to the place where you want to go?

How valuable would that be?  Could that change your business?

For a limited time, Photo Ignite is offering the chance to gain immediate answers to your most pressing questions by speaking directly with marketing monster, Mark Thackeray.  This is specifically designed for those that want to accelerate their photography business with proven marketing methods, without having to carve out hours and hours of time each week doing research and praying that what you learned will pay off.

Mark’s approach is all about results.  It focuses on identifying exactly who your target market is and how you can most effectively compel that market to reach out to you.

“The end result of effective marketing is to have your prospects chasing YOU, not you hounding them.”

This not only frees up your time but also positions yourself as an authority and expert in the photography field.

We see this scenario play out all the time in dating.  What is the feeling you get when you are constantly hounded by someone who wants to take you out?  What is your perception of that person? You’d probably see them as rather desperate and, as a result, you may not be attracted to them as much.  But what about when you see that that person is being sought out by others?  That they are the one being chased? Your perception of that person jumps way up.

How It Works

Due to our already busy schedule, we only accept a limited number of One-On-One Consultations each month (varies month to month based on traveling schedule).  In addition, there is a qualification process to ensure that we are the right fit and provide the proper solutions to your current roadblocks.

If approved, Mark’s Assistant will get in touch with you to schedule a preliminary questionnaire.  This allows us to prepare for your questions and concerns in advance so that we can help maximize your time together with Mark as best as possible.  Furthermore, it helps us identify what your current situation is in the marketplace and what your long-term goals are.  The questionnaire will be delivered electronically and will need to be filled out and submitted within 3-5 business days.  After that, we will schedule a time for you to talk directly with Mark via phone or in person.

You will have the option of scheduling 30-minute blocks of time, up to 2 hours.  (All-day consultation is available upon request but is extremely limited) The entire consultation is recorded and will be sent to you within one week of the consultation. In addition, we will send you a transcript of the consultation so that you have both a written and audio format for further reference.


What Will Be Covered? 

One-on-One consultations are entirely focused on YOU.  That is the reason we take the time to gather as much information as possible beforehand so that we already have that background before we get discuss our recommendations.  During the preliminary questionnaire, you will have the chance to identify what you feel are the biggest obstacles to your business and which areas you would like to improve.  Mark will dedicate time to answering those questions and provide specific steps on how to move forward.  It is possible that Mark will identify other areas that could easily be improved that would add considerably to your business.  If that is the case, he will also share his advice on those as well.

While there are certainly no bad questions, we’ve also found that there are those that are better than others.  These typically fall under the Marketing category.  Mark is quick to tell people that marketing is the foundation of your business, and should therefore garner the majority of your focus.

Exponential Value

What if you were able to speed up your business by 1, 2, or 3 years?  If you were able to have a blueprint that would consistently generate more clients, year after year?  How much would that be worth to you?

Those that are truly successful at creating a long-term, profitable business understand the importance of time and speed.  And they leverage that as much as possible.  Even with only a 30-minute consultation, you are going to receive several keys that will help bring you more clients and accelerate the growth of your business.  What is one extra client worth to you? How about 5, 10 extra clients?

You can see that it’s hard to place a value on a service like this.  So much of it depends on your willingness to apply these solutions to your own photography business.  That is another reason why we qualify our clients.  We only want to be working with those that are willing to be guided and are ready to do the necessary work required.

No matter how many times these tactics have worked in the past, they absolutely will not work if you aren’t willing to try them for yourself.  To be frank, we don’t want those clients.  We want those that actually want to transform their photography business into a thriving, profitable career that allows you to work as much (or as little) as you want.

See If You Qualify

For those that are serious about getting immediate answers to their most pressing questions, please fill out the form below.  Our goal is to work with those photographers that we can provide the most value to, those that are in the best position to take Mark’s recommendations for immediate implementation and success.  We qualify all of our prospective clients to make sure that this will be beneficial to both sides.  Would you take a 7 year-old struggling to read to a tutor specializing in quantum physics?  No way.  It wouldn’t be the right fit.  So it is with us.  We make sure that you have the necessary business foundation in order to utilize the action plan we will give you.


We will respond to your submission within 3-5 business days.