The 7 Game Changers To Set Your Photography Business On Fire

How ANY Photographer Can Multiply Income, Generate More Referrals, And Create More Independence & Security Than Ever Before

It’s time to create the business you’ve always dreamed about.  The one that you envisioned when you first opened your doors for business, where clients line up for your services, are happy to pay a premium price (without any haggling I might say), and are utterly besides themselves with excitement once they receive their photos back from you.  Oh, and they love to send you qualified, easy-to-close referrals.  Yes, this is possible.  And it’s closer than you think.

My story should inspire you. There I was, a college graduate, stuck in a call center. With limited prospects, I jumped into photography with the idea that “I could do much better than all of these guys,” which is likely what a lot of you reading this were thinking. At the time I didn’t really know how to take a great photo. I had ZERO formal training with the exception of a single introductory film class.  And here I was, attempting to break into one of the most heavily saturated photography markets in the country. Go big or go home.

At first, I did exactly what I saw other photographers doing.  No, literally. The exact same things.  I copied poses, locations, cheesy taglines, vague generalities. Everything.  When you are new to the industry you tend to believe that your competitors, especially the ones that have been doing it for several years, have it all figured out so it’s easier to imitate what they are doing than try to forge a new approach.  This mentality, however, completely bombed.  I may have had one new inquiry those first 2-3 months.

Then one day, one of my friends shared an idea with me that totally rocked my world.  Basically, he said that business is as much about the marketing of the product than it is about the actual product or service.  In other words, you need to be placing as much attention and focus on learning how to market your company as you do learning how to take powerful pictures.

Admittedly, I was a bit skeptical of this approach at first.  I would rationalize by thinking that the best way to market my photography was by shooting really great photos.  Then the word would get out.  Right?? Clients will be able to discern my unique abilities and strengths over someone else’s….right?? But the more I thought about the importance of marketing, and how I could effectively communicate my unique benefits/features to prospects, the more I started to see that everything I was doing before was wrong.  Really wrong.  From that day on, I became a dedicated student of marketing.


And despite my inexperience as a photographer, I shot dozens of weddings that first year, and was even flown across the country to shoot weddings on two different occasions. On top of that, I received heaps of referrals, which brought in thousands of dollars in profit without spending anything extra on advertising. All in the first 12 months that I was open for business.

Since then, each year has consistently gotten better. Increased prices. More referrals. Destination weddings. Nationally and internationally featured weddings. Raised prices again. Shoot fewer events but make more money. Work with incredible people. More free time with wife and three kids.

I tell you this not to spout off all of my accomplishments but merely to prove a point: that anyone can learn to create a predictable and profitable photography business. It’s not a day at the beach and it’s certainly not for everyone. And I don’t believe that everyone can thrive as a business owner.  But you also don’t need to have an art school degree (or even an MBA for that matter).  If you are passionate about photography and excited about wowing your customers, then you can build a lasting, profitable photography business.  Come join the tribe and see for yourself.

You will discover that effective communication will allow you not only to reach more prospective clients (and really resonate with them) but also provide a greater overall experience to the couples that do book you as their photographer.  True marketing, in my opinion, means becoming your client’s greatest advocate.  Its focus is on the receiver and their best interests.  It’s basically saying, “I’m not trying to sell you – I want to serve you.” It means providing them with a realistic view of their options, making it clear what will happen if they take Option A vs. Option B.   By being specific, you establish your authority as an expert.  More importantly though, it makes their life easier by allowing them to connect the dots!  (which comes back to serving them)


As marketing guru Jay Abraham said, “When you truly care about your customers’ well being, you cannot allow that person to make a mistake, because your success depends on their success.”  That’s when you know that your marketing is properly focused – when you do all you can to ensure your customers’ success.

You Serve Them, They Serve You

Once you start to implement this type of marketing, you will see a tremendous increase in customer experience, customer satisfaction, and customer referrals.  It’s basically a snowball effect.  By providing greater, more specific, more effective service, your clients will reciprocate that service by becoming an advocate for YOU to their family and friends.  What would your company look like if your photography business was operating like this? How much more fun, how much easier would it be?

For some it seems counter-intuitive to focus your attention on communicating your unique benefits as instead of solely focusing on taking amazing photographs.  But I can assure you that it will not only add greater clarity for your clients but for you as well.  What this type of marketing offers is true empathy.  It enables you to understand all the difficulties, confusion, frustration, excitement of your client so that you can figuratively take them by the hand, address each one of those concerns, and help them make the best decision possible.

If you’re like me, this approach might take some time to get used to.  Every day it seems like there is some “new way” to advertise your business, some “new reason” why old marketing methods are dead, or some other crappy pitch or excuse.  I get it.  I hear them all, too.  That is why I have compiled a workbook that identifies 7 specific areas in your photography business that can multiply your current income in the next 12 months, places where you are most likely leaving serious money on the table.  And you can download your copy right now.  No charge.  I want to show you specifically how I built my own photography business from the ground up, without heavy investments (or any for that matter) from others, formal education, or anything else.

The 7 Game Changers To Set Your Photography Business On Fire

How ANY Photographer Can Multiply Income, Generate More Referrals, And Create More Independence & Security Than Ever Before

Imagine YOU…a celebrated, successful, and highly sought after Expert Photographer – bombarded with requests to shoot events all across the nation (and beyond), booking fewer events but making more money than ever, being able to pick and choose your clients at will.

If you are just starting your photography business or have been operating for a while and want to take your business to the next level, then this workbook will help you do exactly that. Designed specifically to help you with marketing your photography in order to attract the RIGHT clients (and repel all others), allowing you to book events that you want to shoot and only work with the people that of your choice.


It’s taken me several years to discover these 7 “industry secrets” but I’m excited to help others implement them into their own businesses in much less time.  This is your year.  It’s finally time to reach those goals you’ve been talking about. It’s time to start creating your success and proving all the doubters and naysayers wrong (yes, I’ve heard those same degrading remarks). And man does it feel good!

This Blueprint Will Walk You Step-by-Step To:

  • Identify Your Ideal Client
  • Define Your Target Market
  • Craft A Compelling, Powerful, Resonating Message
  • Create A Sticky, Memorable Company Message
  • Generate Predictable Results Year after Year
  • Maximize Your Profit Per Customer
  • Determine Where to Advertise for Best Results
  • Deliver An Outstanding Experience
  • Tap Into the Success of Others
  • And Much More!

And for a limited time, you can download a copy of The 7 Marketing Game Changers To Set Your Photography Business on Fire for FREE (normally $97.00).  Simply fill out the form above and we will email a copy right over to you.

“The time is now.  Get going.”

Mark Thackeray

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 P.S.  Those that read and implement each of the 7 Game Changers will multiply their income by at least 3 times. This is not some gimmick. We are talking about real, proven marketing strategies that will book you more shoots, increase profit per customer, and generate more referrals.