Let’s Get More Referrals

Photography Marketing Tip of the Week

Review & Commentary on The Referral Engine, by John Jantsch

Wow. I just got finished reading this book and I’m already pumped to read it again. That’s how good it was. It is literally chock-full of great insights, tips, and ready-to-use tactics. I was originally introduced to the author, John Jantsch, […]

The Hidden Goldmine…That Most Photographers Fail To Tap!

As photographers, we are always on the hunt for new ways to acquire more clients.  When asked the best way to grow their business, most would quickly answer “book more clients.” And while that is true, it’s not the most cost-effective way to grow your business. And the reality of it is, that’s actually […]

Daughter’s hospital trip and how it can help your customer experience

Yesterday was an emotional day.  And I’m glad that it’s over.

Our youngest daughter, Ruby, was born with a soft-tissue mass on the back of her neck (roughly half the size of her head) about 21 months ago.  It was something that caused a series of complications at her birth and throughout her life, but […]

The Key To More Referrals

If you could receive more leads from any single source, what would it be?

If your answer didn’t include ‘I would receive more referrals’ then we need to have a serious talk.

Referrals, as you probably know, are a much better, much more qualified prospect than one that was generated through other means such as facebook, […]

7 Marketing Game Changers Featured on Photography Spark

Today our 7 Marketing Game Changers To Set Your Photography Business on Fire was featured on Photography Spark.  We have had an enormous outpouring of support for this from those that have downloaded it and started reading and applying its principles.

I’ll be the first to say that these marketing techniques aren’t the ‘latest and […]