“The Ever-Changing ‘Seasons’ of Business”

Photography Marketing Tip of the Week

As we inch closer towards Spring, I am reminded yet again at how the changing seasons closely parallel the ever-evolving climate of business. One of the great lessons of life is that we cannot change the seasons…we can only change ourselves. The great entrepreneur Jim Rohn spoke of this […]

The Two Clumsy Mistakes Nearly All Photographers Make When Meeting With New Leads

Photography Marketing Tip of the Week

You’ve got a hot, new lead that you are meeting with in person (or on the phone) and naturally, you’re pretty excited.  The thought of booking another event is something that thrills almost all of us.  Sometimes, we get so excited that we already start planning on shooting that […]

Is Direct Mail Officially Dead?

Photography Marketing Tip of the Week

With so much hype and talk about social media, online advertising, and electronic communication, many wonder if direct mail has officially taken its place in the graveyard of media outlets.

When I asked many of my fellow friends this same question, nearly all of them replied, “Yeah, mail is pretty […]

Daughter’s hospital trip and how it can help your customer experience

Yesterday was an emotional day.  And I’m glad that it’s over.

Our youngest daughter, Ruby, was born with a soft-tissue mass on the back of her neck (roughly half the size of her head) about 21 months ago.  It was something that caused a series of complications at her birth and throughout her life, but […]

6 Ways To Get More Clients To Say “Yes” Download

Over the past several weeks, we have gone through and individually discussed each of the 6 universal factors of why people say “yes” as discovered by Dr. Robert Cialdini in his book, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion.

We’ve learned what each of these factors are, how they work, as well as identified specific ways to […]