How To Get Clients To Close The Deal For You!

One of the biggest challenges that faces photographers today is their fear of “closing the sale.” You make a wonderful presentation, talk at length the details of their shoot, confidently hit on all of your key selling points, and then….you suddenly grow quiet. Right when the time to close the deal comes, you chicken […]

Email Marketing Made Effective & Easy!!


Photography Marketing Tip of the Week

It’s the first Wednesday of the month.

That means that it’s time to send out your monthly email to all of your current and past clients. Despite dreading this task month after month, your fear of not doing it drives you to action. After all, it’s something that everyone tells […]

Why Nobody Reads Your Emails (…and what to do about it!)

Photography Marketing Tip of the Week

There are 10 primary reasons why your people aren’t reading your emails, as we cover in depth in our Email Marketing download, but today I want to touch upon just one.


Successful marketers understand this principle very well. With every marketing piece they undertake, […]

The #1 Sin in Marketing

A few days ago, I watched an incredibly funny music video parody on the popular hit ‘Uptown Funk’ by orthodontist, Brian Holman, and his staff.

Their version, ‘Brace You Up’ has since been shared all over Facebook, social media, and on their website, receiving rave reviews and exposing their company to hundreds of prospective clients.

As […]

Using Words That Sell

As a marketer (and yes, you ALL are marketers), it is your job to be able to describe your products and services in a way that compels your readers to take action and book you as their photographer. In fact, your overall success is based on your ability to do this effectively.

Want to learn […]