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Mark Thackeray is a self-taught photographer and marketing monster for the photography industry. He is known for creating wildly profitable marketing promotions that also skyrocket client referrals and goodwill, without being obnoxious or pushy.

Skyrocket Your Closing Power

Skyrocket Your Closing Power

Actually selling is something that a lot, dare I say most, photographers struggle with.  We’re the creative type!  Not the suits and ties, business people.

But yet, selling is what we all do every single day of our lives.  Amongst friends, we sell the idea to go this restaurant over that one.  […]

Vegetables & Marketing

A woman named Christa once worked for a small seed company. She loved her job. It was a source of immense wonder that each tiny seed she sold had the capacity to transform itself into something quite miraculous—a carrot, a cabbage, or even a mighty oak tree.

Christa loved sitting at her computer taking orders […]

I owe everything I know to this…

Recently, after conducting a few different photography consultations regarding their marketing and how they could improve, I reflected on some of turning points in my own photography business.

Certainly there are different highlights and a-ha moments.  But I distinctly remember when the true tipping point happened.

At the time I had been in the wedding industry […]

Social Media BS

Social Media Reality Check An recent poll by Gallup in May and June of this year revealed that 63% of consumers are NOT influenced by social media regarding their buying choices.

On top of that, only 5% claim that social media has significant impact on their buying decisions. 

Wait, wwwhat???

With so much talk, hype, and clamor about everything you […]

Major Key to Success

Had to post this short video I just put together after consulting with a few different photographers on their marketing.

It’s only about 4 minutes but shares one of the most important keys to success that I know of.  

Take a peek.

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