Photography Marketing Tip of the Week

Newsletters have seemingly been around for ages.  And for good reason….because they work wonders in connecting with your clients (and prospects) and strengthening that existing relationship, leading to repeat business and increased referrals.  Who doesn’t want that?!

In fact, there are TONS of reasons to be creating and mailing out a monthly newsletter  (yes, physical newsletter sent via snail mail). Today, I will discuss six of those reasons.

1. Newsletters Increase The Length of Time Your Average Customer Does Business With You. Newsletters foster relationships because of their consistent monthly contact.  Furthermore, they provide you the opportunity to share in greater detail about yourself (ie. hobbies and interests outside of business), giving your readers the chance to connect with you on a more personal level.  All of this contributes to a stronger bond between you and your clients, which helps them remain as your customers longer.  As a result, this increases the overall profitability of every new and existing client.

2. Stay Top Of Mind.  Newsletters are a fantastic way (one of the very best ways in my opinion) to regularly contact your clients without coming across as too salesy.  It is imperative to be communicating with our past clients on an on-going basis in order to generate repeat business but we simply can’t call or email each month and ask “Are you ready to purchase again this month?” That’s where newsletters come in.  When done properly, they aren’t perceived as a sales piece but more of a publication so they are read and consumed much more easily.

3. Reactivates Past Clients.  Newsletters are often designed to go to those who have already done business with you.  Remember, these are people that have already had personal experience with you and generally know, like and trust you!  By connecting with them each month you are investing in a much easier-to-convert market…your past clients.  In a study by the Bain Company it was found that it is “6 to 7 times MORE expensive to acquire a new client than it is to get a past client to do business with you again.”  By sending out a monthly newsletter, you are focusing on those that are most likely to buy from you again.

4. Build Expert Status. Another important facet of newsletters it that you get the chance to demonstrate your unique expertise and competitive advantages.  Since they are more of publication than sales solicitation, you have the unique opportunity to educate your clients on how to make the best decision possible when it comes to photography, how to avoid common mistakes when choosing a photographer, etc. etc.  By providing valuable content, your readers will look to you as the industry expert, allowing you to book more clients and decrease price resistance from those clients.

5. Newsletters Have Staying Power. Another unique feature of newsletters is that they have staying power.  In other words, they hang around a lot longer than, say, an email or even a simple postcard.  There have been countless times I’ve had a client contact me about a specific newsletter months after the fact because they hadn’t really had the time to read it when it first arrived.  When was the last time you heard that same thing about an email or blog post? Right, you didn’t.

6. Pass-Around Value. Newsletters are powerful because they get shared very easily with others.  Especially when sent to vendors that you work with often, they can exchange hands rapidly in the course of a few weeks, thus exposing you and your company to an increased amount of potential clients.  I know of several people that keep each monthly newsletter in 3-ring binder from the first time they started receiving them!  How strong do you think that relationship is with those clients?  Incredibly strong. Are they likely to stolen away by a simple promotion from your competitor?  Not likely at all.

For Those That Want To Take Action Now…

We are offering a Monthly Newsletter Program where we create, print, and mail out a newsletter to your clients, prospects or vendor partners each month to help you generate repeat business, increased customer referrals, and convert more of your prospects to paying customers!  Monthly pricing starts at $79.  For more information, call me at 801.633.1853 or reach me via email at