What Really Matters (and It’s NOT your Photography or Service!)

Photography Marketing Tip of the Week

Understanding what your business is REALLY all about.

Short tip this week and it comes from the legendary marketing master, Jay Abraham, who says “Fall in love with your CLIENTS, not your business.”

When it is all said and done, the only thing that really truly matters is your client. Too […]

“Do You Know Who You Are Talking To?”

Photography Marketing Tip of the Week

One of the ten commandments of marketing is “Know Thy Customer.”  Without having a thorough understanding of who you are trying to attract, you are not very likely to capture many ideal clients.  Yes, you might still find some, much like a blind archer with an unlimited amount of […]

How To Get Clients To Close The Deal For You!

One of the biggest challenges that faces photographers today is their fear of “closing the sale.” You make a wonderful presentation, talk at length the details of their shoot, confidently hit on all of your key selling points, and then….you suddenly grow quiet. Right when the time to close the deal comes, you chicken […]

The Power of Print

In a day where the latest electronics and apps are all the rage, it’s easy to feel like printed materials are simply a thing of the past. In fact, there are many companies which operate only electronically, trying to cut costs as much as possible.

Yet without fail, each week, I still receive offer after […]