Know Thy Customer

Yes, I did just use the old-english form of “you.” And yes, it does look like “commandment language.” Appropriately so, because in terms of marketing it is that important.

Obey it, and you will reap the blessings of customer attraction and retention. Disobey and you will suffer the wicked negative consequences. Your choice.

Pick your ideal customer. Try […]

The #1 Sin in Marketing

A few days ago, I watched an incredibly funny music video parody on the popular hit ‘Uptown Funk’ by orthodontist, Brian Holman, and his staff.

Their version, ‘Brace You Up’ has since been shared all over Facebook, social media, and on their website, receiving rave reviews and exposing their company to hundreds of prospective clients.

As […]

“Your Business Is Not Different”

Take Over Your Marketplace Tuesday: Killer Photography Marketing Tips

One of the most paralyzing mistakes you can make is to believe that your photography business is actually different from other businesses, particularly the successful ones, and thus certain strategies & tactics “won’t work for me.”  Tssk, tssk, tssk.

The reason that this mentality is so deadly is […]

“An Objection Is Not A Rejection”

All of us experience objections as we try to book more photography clients.  How you handle those objections can be the difference between a thriving, growing photography career and a seasonal, sporadic side-gig.

An Objection Is NOT A Rejection

First, you need to understand what an “objection” really is.  Let’s think about the context of the […]