Is Direct Mail Officially Dead?

Photography Marketing Tip of the Week

With so much hype and talk about social media, online advertising, and electronic communication, many wonder if direct mail has officially taken its place in the graveyard of media outlets.

When I asked many of my fellow friends this same question, nearly all of them replied, “Yeah, mail is pretty […]

Do you ‘have a dream?’

“I have a dream…”

Four of the most influential words in American history.  Words that will forever ring through the hearts and minds of those who seek for a better world.  Each time I read the words of that momentous speech, I get chills up and down my body.  It is still just as moving today as […]

No Marketing…Just Life

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that my youngest daughter, Ruby (22 months-old), had gone in for surgery on her neck due to a soft-tissue mass that she’s had since she in the womb.  Well, this past Friday, she underwent “the surgery,” where they removed the mass entirely from her neck.

I’ve never had an […]

Bird’s Eye View of Your Business

Two weeks ago, I woke up around 5:30am to brave the single-digit temps and go backcountry skiing with my brother-in-law.  We made it up the canyon and began the 1.5 hour-long hike to the top of a peak, in a place called Grizzly Gulch.  We approached the summit just as the sun was starting […]