Why Your Clients Aren’t Talking About You…and What To Do About It

Photography Marketing Tip of the Week

All photographers long for referrals. We secretly hope that each of our past clients will be introducing us to one of their friends who needs our services. Why? Because referrals are freaking amazing, of course. Specifically, they cost little or nothing, are generally the easiest to close, and are […]

Photography Marketing Tip: Lifetime Value of a Client

Lifetime Value of a Client

If I asked you, what’s a client really worth to you, what would you say?  Are they simply the face value of the package they select?  More than that?  2x’s more?  5x’s more?

This is a huge concept that will change your mindset about how much you can spend to acquire […]

Selecting A Single Tarket Market

11-minute video discussing the importance of narrowing your focus and selecting a single target market as well as tips on how to get started.  (And how could you NOT watch a video with a thumbnail like this?? It’s gotta be good)

How to Raise Your Photography Prices

Photography Marketing Tip of the Week: Price Elasticity

Take Over Your Market Tuesday Weekly Marketing Message

Price Elasticity

If you are like most business owners and entrepreneurs, you often find yourself wondering how you can effectively raise your prices without losing customers.  Given the fragile state of the economy these past several years, this question has become […]

Early morning spring session

Took advantage of some late spring snowfall and skinned up some familiar lines in the backcountry. Gorgeous morning with incredible morning light all around. Such a great way to start the day and really clear the head. And got to enjoy some long turns in some deep snow, which always slaps a huge smile […]

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