Photography Marketing Tip: Systems & Salesmanship

Take Over Your Market Tuesday: Weekly Marketing Message

Systems & SalesmanshipA few weeks ago, my wife and I took took our three girls on a 4-day trip down to Southern Utah. On our way down, we decided to stop and gas up our car at a particular Chevron that we’d frequented before. We really didn’t […]

Photographer’s Biggest Challenge

Interesting article I just read.  74% of photographers said that “Finding New Clients” was their biggest challenge in 2013.  Could it be that these are the same people that are copying what everyone else is doing for their advertising? It’s no wonder they are worried.  Nobody is contacting them because they aren’t sticking out. […]

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Photography Marketing Tip: Resist the Mainstream

Take Over Your Marketplace Tuesday: Killer Marketing Tips

Last week, I was on my way to the Oakland Airport (on the BART) after a shoot with Wells Fargo and Major League Soccer just outside San Francisco when I overheard a disheartening conversation between two twenty-something women. Essentially, this “progressive” woman was telling her friend how […]

Photography Marketing Tip: Know Thy Customer

Yes, I did just use the old-english form of “you.” And yes, it does look like “commandment language.” Appropriately so, because in terms of marketing it is that important. Obey it, and you will reap the blessings of customer attraction and retention. Disobey and you will suffer the wicked negative consequences. Your choice.

Pick your […]

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Photography Marketing Tip: Staying Power

Take Over Your Marketplace Tuesday: Killer Photography Marketing Tips

If you are a human being, then you are going to make mistakes. You are going to try things that might completely bomb the first time you try them. And if you are vulnerable to failure of that kind then you probably aren’t cut out for […]